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Baatcheet 2

After a very uplifting and inspiring session of Baatcheet –  1, Demonstrative Learning and title partner Unacademy  invite another  unique and inspirational  personality of our times to share his thoughts and feelings  in a heart to heart talk with Saina Bharucha, Chief Executive, Demonstrative Learning, in the presence of  Dr Kiran Bedi, Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry.

 Episode 2 of “Baatcheet” features Radhanath Swami, a New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist and speaker ,well   known for guiding influencers, world leaders, CEOs and corporations around the world, such as Google HQ, Apple HQ , Oxford Union, Cambridge Union, Houses of Parliament, HSBC HQ, Intel HQ, Facebook HQ, Princeton, MIT, Nasdaq HQ, Cheddar, Huffington ,among others.

Swamiji is the founder of UN awarded, Goverdhan Eco Village, which is a 100 acre sustainable community model in Maharashtra ,  equipped to combat some of the world’s largest issues- including climate change, poverty, access to health care and other UN sustainable development goals. It is also a  health and yoga resort. 

His Holiness has also founded a hospital, an orphanage, a school and many other philanthropic projects initiated by ISKON globally  . Mark your calendars to watch this virtual Indian chat show with Radhanath Swami scheduled to be streamed LIVE  at 7.30 p.m. on  16th August 2020.





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