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Demonstrative Learning website was  made by it’s nine founder members . It is a product of Dr Bedi’s vision to provide fast forward learning.- a synergy of forty years of her work and life experiences in the areas of public administration, Law enforcement, Prison reforms, writings, serving at the United Nations,  the practical work experience gained in serving Puducherry as  Lt Governor, as well as community work through her two NGOs Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation since 1988 and 1994  

The ‘Ask Us’ section is an interactive Qand A based section, where viewers can directly get answers from the  Founders and Dr Bedi on their core strengths , to self upgrade and fast forward their learning in these areas. 

DL is also a  bi-lingual space for daily inspiration-to listen and read for all age groups. 

In English and Hindi. 

This is VERSION 1 of  DL. 

We shall keep evolving and growing as life provides us more..

We have coopted our beneficiaries as contributors. They are children, youth, women and men, rural and urban, from different set of backgrounds. 

We shall also co-opt experts/individuals and Institutions of learning as we go along. 

We shall keep growing, learning and sharing.

Founders of this Demonstrative Learning are Saina Bharucha ,Shantanu Chaudhry, Neetu Sharma Joshi, Chandni Bedi, Ujala Bedi Chaudhry, Monica Dhawan, , Isha Arora, Suresh Vyas and Deepak Chandwani..

Since this is version 1  of the website. We welcome your contributions and seek your blessings.

This has been presented to Dr Kiran Bedi as a tribute on her birthday 


                         The Nine Founders

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