My Book Reading Experience – By Jaspreet Kaur

“The key to a peaceful world is to be at peace with yourself first” — Dr. Kiran Bedi a renouned
personality furthermore an inspiration for many including me. Life was kind of out of track due
to national lockdwon until I came across a post calling out young children to be a part of Hon’ble
Dr. Kiran Bedi’s book reading session.

It fascinated me and made me fulfill the criteria for joining
immediately. After that I came in contact with team Raj Nivas and interns working there. Their
level of dedication and hardwork while completing their tasks inspired me a lot.
The whole journey from the the day I came in in contact with book reading team to the day I
attended the live session with mam have revamped my life, and this journey of improvement is
still going on. I personally started following things mam followed in her childhood and
throughout her life. Waking up early, being grateful for things and people I have in my life, doing
exercise to keep myself fit, overcoming anger issues and many other things. I even joined
National Cadet Corps (NCC) and got the rank L/CPL, my seniors want me to undertake the rank
of SUO in my final year.

I learnt that just reading a book and imagining the story is not a big deal but utilising the
knowledge I gain from the book in a practical manner into my life is really what matters. I
personally participate in almost every competition organized by my school or even online plus
try to give my 100 percent in it and as mam said, “Either you win or you learn.” I do both! In some
competitions I win and in some I learn as well as I never let my studies fall behind, though I am
involved in many extracurricular activities like singing, drawing, creative writing, social media
influencing etc, I pass with highest grades in my class too. Making my teachers, my parents, my
supporters and my ownself proud.

I gained the skill of how to appreciate and embrace whatever nature provides me moreover how
to see good in every bad. I try to help people to the extent I can at my level. Putting down my
ideas which are on my head onto paper helped me doing much better at my tasks and plans
than I used to do previously, that was also a skillI acquired from mam. I learnt that perfection
should not be the aim but improvement should be. Overall, I think I Iearnt how to lead a
meaningful life and keep on learning and improving. I thank Hon’ble Dr. Kiran Bedi and Book
Reading Team from the bottom of my heart.

Jaspreet Kaur
Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Session 13