What does DemonstrativeLearning do?

DemonstrativeLearning is convergence of interactive platform on administration best practices of Dr Kiran Bedi along with rediscovering the art of storytelling and book reading in addition to providing grassroot level experience of social changes for last 4 decades of its founding NGO – Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation.

What is DemonstrativeLearning’s goal?

DemonstrativeLearning endeavors to instill hunger for ‘self-reliance’ fast forwarded through demonstrative learning. Be it in grass root leadership, senior administration, management, sharing of good practices based on decades of experience in areas, of NGO running, Public Governance, Law Enforcement, Crime prevention & Policing, Prison reforms, Restorative justice, Rehabilitation, Rural & Urban development, working with underserved communities, men-women-children-youth and extensive use of Social Media while promoting Digital Literacy

What is Hive+

Hive+ is an attempt to rediscover the art of Story Telling and Book reading through our founder Dr Kiran Bedi and Chief Executive Saina Bharucha. Additionally, we offer illustration books / films , Articles on Demonstrative Learnings & Leadership, Podcast by Dr Kiran Bedi and best practices of the founding NGOs .

How Can you support DemonstrativeLearning?

DemonstrativeLearning’s efforts can be supported in numerous ways – Intern with us, Volunteer as faculty, spread awareness, or make a contribution towards the cause.