Book Reading Session – 91

A compilation by Ambika Singh Rajawat from Book Reading Session – 27.

In this session, Anand from Sitamarhi too participated from the alumni network and shared his experiences on being connected with Dr Kiran Bedi for around a year now.

Key points:

  • Participants shared about the courageous acts of the following unsung heroes:
  • Panna Dhai
  • Maharaja Surajmahal
  • Comrade Ramchandra
  • Kiran Chandra Dey
  • Godavari Parulekar
  • Dr Kiran Bedi taught many teachings of Lord Buddha to the young children on the occasion of Budh Purnima

Take aways –

Teachings of Lord Buddha by Dr. Kiran Bedi:

  • “Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most.”
  • “There is no fear for the one, whose mind is not filled with desires.”
  • “If you stat positive in any negative situation, You win.”
  • “Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.”

Saina Ruzbeh Bharucha Summary:

  • “Your day to day life is your sacred space, organize it and make it productive.”
  • “Learn how to adapt, rise above and go beyond certain situations.”
  • “Keep moving forward for your higher purpose.”
  • “Grace never abandons anyone.”