Demonstrative Learning!

Demonstrative Learning is a synergy of over four decades of my work in Governance, Policing and  Administration,  as well as  the grass root community work done by our  two NGOs – Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation.

DL is a bi-lingual space for daily inspiration. The site is also a creative hub of interactive, virtual content  that offers something for all age groups to listen, understand, read, share and participate..

We have co-opted our beneficiaries as contributors. They are children, youth, women, men, both rural and urban, from diverse sections of society.

I would like to thank the effort of the  Founder members for putting the website  together and Saina Ruzbeh Bharucha, Chief Executive. DL. for spearheading it for  taking it forward.

Join us in this movement called Demonstrative Learning!