Grooming Leadership | Session 86

Grooming Leadership | Session 86 | 8 April 2022

A Compilation by Ambika Singh Rajawat, Participant, Book Reading Session 27.

In today’s session, Dr SumitGoel (Author of the book- I wanna grow up once again, an homeopath doctor, a leader, teacher & life coach) guided all the youngsters in many aspects.

Key points :

  • Mantra- The 4 A’s :- Awareness|Acceptance|Action& Attitude
  • Our perceptions lead to our default behavioural pattern.
  • Prepare in advance for the responsibility you are about to take up.
  • Set a Mission Statement.
  • Make YOUR responsibility YOUR everything.
  • The qualities of a leader are- Integrity, Decisiveness, A good listener and good communicator.

Take aways :

DrKiran Bedi Quotes:

  • “Every failure leads you closer to success.”
  • “Exercise your choices with awareness. “
  • “Today, leadership includes combined quotient of head & heart.”

Saina Bharucha Summary:

  • “Make informed choices.”
  • “Fortify your inside.”
  • “You must know the strength of your team as a leader.”
  • “Understand yourself. Work on yourself. Your greatest asset is your mind.”
  • Grooming Leadership is a series of interactive sessions of Dr. Kiran Bedi with youth. This youth engagement¬† focuses on – Fearless Governance the latest book authored by Dr Kiran Bedi and aims to groom youth to be future leaders- their challenges | solutions | changing dynamics | adaptation and usage of the available resources.