Inspiration and Admiration – By Manas Nair

“Inspiration and Admiration are fruits of same sweetness but one is a fruit that has a seed of growth built within it, while
the other is a seedless fruit”.

These lines were penned by me after the Book Reading Session which has been one of my life’s greatest learning journey and continuous to be. This journey involved not only interaction with Dr. Kiran Bedi ma’am, but also the opportunity to learn skills, and thought provoking ideas, as well as executing them, from ma’am and the whole batch of bright kids associated with the sessions.

The most important thing in life is learning, but ideas don’t come from books, they come from your brain, and the tool to mine them comes from knowledge gaining books, the most important period in a person’s life comes when they are between 12-21, this is the age wherein we all start building our road, that takes us to our destination of desire, but this road is never easy, and never will be, this road is built with efforts and more importantly mistakes, every learning in life is important, if not now then maybe ahead.

Having such a close connection with Dr. Kiran Bedi ma’am, and keeping in frequent touch with her, gives me this understanding of my journey ahead. When a toddler learns to walk, his mom always stands behind him, so that if he falls, she will help him stand, and encourage him to again take the next step, the similar is our connection with ma’am. And learning has no fixed source, the beauty is the fact that leaning has infinite sources, the children with whom we all are connecting are also a great source to learn from, in fact today it makes me believe that they are here to create a great future, all of us during this journey have learnt to be fearless, joyful, keeping gratitude and most importantly work for humanitarian purposes because there is always a greater happiness when you give than you receive.

– Manas Nair (BR Session-29)