A Mother – Daughter Special Session

Saath Saath with Saina Insta live: A Mother – Daughter special.

Caitlin Houston rightly says, “Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists
between a mother and a daughter.”
An all time amiable program ‘Saath Saath With Saina’ had it’s very first Instagram Live on 24
August 2022 with none other than Saina R. Bharucha as the interviewer interviewing her mother,
the one who has always devoted her everything to the nation, one who belongs to the nation, Dr.
Kiran Bedi.

The most awaited interview ever started by ma’am’s act in ‘The Real Salute’. The one which
should not be called an acting though as it is something done with a real love and honor for the
nation. Stitching not just the flag, but putting all the threads together, weaving a fabric &
designing the fabric, the fabric of the society. Dr. Kiran Bedi’s journey till this date has been all
about getting the beads at the right place in the necklace of her job, the job for the nation, the job
not meant to be 9-5 with leaves on weekends but the job in which she has always given her soul
and her whole self for the upliftment of the Nation selflessly.

Dr. Kiran Bedi by sharing her real life work experiences as a police officer and as the Lt.
Governor of Puducherry proves true her own words, “If you are attached with your work from
your soul then it becomes your everything.”
She says, “A day is not one but four in itself. The morning, the afternoon, the evening and the
night. We live four times in a day.”

Saina ma’am rightly says about her mother that she, upon getting any post, first embraces that
job and studies about it in the initial days and after resolving to make it HER EVERYTHING she
does her duty with all her heart and soul.
Saina ma’am says, “When you completely surrender at the Divine Feet and you are spreading
love in the world, you are protected by the Divine Grace and then you have no fear.”
In the midst of the beautiful session conducted very smoothly by our host, Saina ma’am asks
Kiran Ma’am about her training & her first posting Dr. Kiran Bedi being very nostalgic shares
an incident from her very first day of training for IPS. She had been very excited for the horse
riding and the trainer asked her if he should be linient towards her in the training. Upon asked
this, Dr. Kiran Bedi as bold and strong she is answered that her training should be no less than
any of the all male trainees. She was very proficient in her training and the trainer gave her
example to all others.

Dr. Kiran Bedi also shared about her husband who was no less than a best friend, Mr. Brij Bedi
who had always been as supportive and respectful towards Dr. Kiran Bedi as he always was. He
sent a telegram to her when she did not get home cadre, “Wherever you are, I am with you.” This
telegram ma’am has with her till date.

By the end of the session, Saina ma’am asked Dr. Kiran Bedi a question which everyone has.
“From where do you get all the courage and determination?” to which Dr. Kiran Bedi answers,
“It’s a daily conscious choice. A habit. An attitude.” Dr. Kiran Bedi has always been a
personality who has devoted her everything for her duty, for the Nation.