Kapwing is an online platform dedicated to making video editing easier by introducing creative and easy-to-use tools for video editors. The platform holds its traction by virtue of being extremely user friendly and accessible.  Kapwing offers a whole range of tools to work on videos including video trimming, video editing, adding subtitles, adding audio to videos, resizing videos, adding video effects and more. It also allows you to create memes, edit images, add graphics and do more. What is interesting about this platform is that you needn’t be an expert in video editing in order to work with Kapwing. The platform has self explanatory and easy features for you to edit videos easily. Interestingly, Kapwing doesn’t leave a watermark on your work, which means you can work freely on the platform without the hassle of water marks and without compromising the video quality. Kapwing’s basic version is free to use and all it needs is a sign-in to access its features, create without watermarks, upload files upto 250MBs on the platform, export videos upto 7 minutes long and use all of Kapwing’s creative tools for editing videos and images. For enhanced experience and usage Kapwing also offers a pro version . For Kapwing pro users, the platform provides an upload limit of 1 hour for videos, to edit and store unlimited content, enables downloading of STR files, makes content private and unlocks all the premium features for video editing. A pro subscription allows users a better and more professional experience at video and image editing and more than that opens avenues for limitless editing and usage which benefits professional and corporate video editors. Enlisted below are a few benefits of using the Kapwing platform for editing videos:

  • User-Friendly Editing

One benefit which Kapwing provides is that it has extremely easy to use features. With Kapwing, it becomes extremely easy to edit images and videos because the platform provides a very user-friendly studio space.

  • Adding Subtitles

It is very important to add subtitles to videos. Adding subtitles is an essential part of video editing and creation. Most video editing platforms do not allow adding subtitles or do not have a very user friendly process. With Kapwing, adding subtitles to videos gets easier and user friendly.

Besides adding subtitles, Kapwing also provides a range of other features including developing memes, adding audio, text and images to videos, resizing videos, editing MP3 and MP4 files and many other related features

  • Watermark

One of the most interesting features on Kapwing is that videos created on the platform do not bear any watermark. Unlike most hassling platforms which leave a watermark on videos, Kapwing does not leave any watermark upon the videos edited using the platform’s features. This makes Kapwing unique and hassle free

The most attractive feature about Kapwing is its pricing. With all its enhanced features, one would easily expect a pricey subscription for using most of them. It is not the case with this platform. With Kapwing, one can edit videos without any costs at all. With its basic subscription, Kapwing allows upto seven minute long videos 

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