Forgiveness is a Choice. Forgiveness is a resolve – A decision to release all feelings of anger towards someone who you feel has done you wrong.
I truly believe it is releasing your own self of all baggage and bondage associated with the act. We all make mistakes but learning how to learn from them, unlearning,
relearning , moving forward is crucial for ones well-being.
While you forgive others, one learns also to forgive ones ownself.

Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, one needs to be extremely self assured to forgive. When you forgive yourself or someone who has wronged you means you understand the reality. You accept what has happened and you are willing to move forward without letting the past take over.
Forgiving is more than just releasing the past, it is a state of complete surrender and acceptance. When you forgive, you accept the reality as it is. You face the situation without being in denial.

A part of you is ready to own up and take responsibility for the way forward. Forgiveness of the self and others does involve feelings of regret remorse and guilt. With true introspection one has to release these depleting emotions.

Repairing the damage, renewal and restoration are an important part of forgiveness.
Forgiving one’s own self does require one to find a way to learn from the experience and grow as a person, and not repeat the experience. Make better choices and decisions but do not unfairly blame yourself for something you were not responsible for. Self compassion is a must in the journey of forgiveness.
While you take complete responsibility of the self, do not punish yourself for what you did not know and actions you were not involved in at that point of time. Focus on your own values and develop your power of self-belief. While you continue and keep up with the self work, do not dwell on negative feelings.

Forgiveness requires honesty at every level. You cannot overlook any aspect of transformation. One has to restore the sense of self at the soul level.
Acceptance is an integral part of forgiveness and moving forward to forgive ones own self and others requires deep rooted values, karuna, kindness and understanding.
Seek to be whole, not perfect. Forgiveness needs endurance. It means one has to endure the pain, do the required inner and outwork to truly forgive and move forward.
One has to allow one’s own self to feel one’s feelings and emotions. Forgiveness is a liberating act.
Feel the emotions of your head, heart, body and soul. They all have their own language, give them a voice. Listen to what they are telling you.
We all are free to make choices, but we are not free from their consequences. The process of forgiveness also involves learning from your actions and their consequences. Treat it all as a learning experience and start living a life of purpose through your process of self acceptance, self forgiveness and forgiveness of all those around .

Remind yourself, that you did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. It will help you to forgive yourself and move forward, while forgiving others.
It’s good to have a conversation with your inner self from time to time.
Our mind can truly be our friend if we want it to be. Avoid self sabotaging thoughts
as the motive of self talk is to uplift, and not put one’s own self down. Recognize and work on your strengths and skills. As you grow through this process, it will build your self confidence along the way. Allow your thoughts to flow freely, but recognize them when they start moving in a direction not conducive for your overall well being.
Giving yourself the correct advice from time to time is a skill that must be developed.
To learn from the past and not continuously replay the happenings require wisdom and deep understanding of laws of karma. The way to start the journey of forgiveness is to be gentle, kind and compassionate with your own self, it is a journey that will take time patience and perseverance.

Once you understand that a few things are inevitable, you will sense how liberating forgiveness can be. To judge yourself and others continuously is not the path one treads on. The choking feeling of playing out different happenings in your mind can be devastating. It all has to be released.

Self-love, self care and self acceptance are very important aspects of our lives which we don’t pay attention to. Neglecting self-love and self care is a mistake, it is a very precious part of our life. We cannot resolve the real issues by only focusing on the outside We must take the plunge and dive deep into a inner journey, it will shift our approach to life and help us to make significant changes. Choose to forgive yourself and others to free yourself from the past. It is in that space where a true transformation takes place. We must learn to accept ourselves fully and release ourselves from limiting beliefs.
The past is not a life sentence. The choices we make, how we get up and rise up after the fall defines us. Our choices each moment define who we are becoming as decisions determine our destiny. Each day comes with a fresh beginning.

Mel Schwartz writes…”The process of becoming is forgiving.”
Lets fall in love with the process of becoming…
The experience can break us or build us, the choice is our own…
There is no perfect person or perfect life. Seek to be whole not perfect.