Life and Living

Life and Living

Let your faith and surrender guide you to where you need to be. We often lose our way from time to time, life happens and takes its own course. But we must always keep coming back to who we really are, keep coming back to our heart, embrace the moment for what it is and keep returning to the moment.
Change is the only constant in life, it’s all evolving. But when you are going through it, always remember that the change is taking you where it needs to and wants to only if you allow it. Remain equanimous when feeling joyous. Remember and practice gratitude and when things are tough remember the phrase – ‘No pain, no gain; no mud no lotus’. That is how real growth occurs.

But the greatest choice which we face is between faith and fear.
We choose what we move forward with. Let all our choices and decisions be dictated by faith and not by fear. We must learn to release all what’s holding us back to live a life of faith and love and embrace life with the armour of prayer while making room for grace to flow through.
The past is gone and nothing you do or say can change it. You can’t go back and redo things from the past. All you have is this moment and what you do with it is what’s going to define the path ahead of you.
⁠It’s hard to release but when you do, true liberation starts. You cannot let the pain stop you from giving your best to the world. You have to create and recreate a version of yourself that has the capacity to go beyond the self and give back your whole self and not what is left of you.

You have to be willing to release it all and see what stays. Observe what truly belongs to you in its true spirit. With fresh learnings, you have to move forward and not succumb to injuries. ⁠Settle the soul, seek your answers and listen to the guiding voice. Let silence lead the way and be a spectator, witness it all, being an active karmayogi.
⁠In time you will learn to flow like a river. Walk on a path that keeps you connected to your higher self.

We needn’t battle it out with life, life is not our adversary. All we ought to do is to befriend it and embrace it completely with a loving heart while embracing its learnings. Open your heart, body, soul and mind to embrace what’s in store for you and learn to walk with surrender and faith as it is only true faith that can lead you home to your real true self.
Life is the greatest teacher as it shows us that things can be complex and simple at the same time. When you release and start seeking divinity, the path you need to and must walk on unfolds in front of you.
⁠Trust the righteousness of your inner self and with the calm that it delivers, move forward. There is great learning, wisdom and value in experiences of life. Don’t be afraid of tough lessons since your soul knows what it needs to evolve further.
⁠Your higher self will always lead you to your true destination and will never lead you astray. Don’t be afraid, walk with courage. All you have to do is trust life. Trusting life is going to take courage, you ought to do it, it must be done. Walk with integrity and look at life with the deepest wisdom sought by you during the journey.

⁠Hold on to the power of truth – it’s one of the greatest energy sources which will never fail you. Never forget that you are constantly evolving and be patient with your own self. Be in the moment and seek to be whole, not perfect. Do not try to resist life – it is what it is and you must accept that. With a keen ear, try to hear what it’s trying to tell you and live it with GRACE and GRIT.
Give it all that it needs and wants.