Life and Living

Life and Living


A life that feels good inside can only be lived when a person is extremely honest with one’s own self.
It has to become the topmost priority of one’s life.
It’s pure hard work.

You just have to look within and stop lying to yourself.
You have to face yourself.
You have to become accountable for all that you say do think and feel.

When you reach a state where you are uncomfortable, you are at unease doing all that which your higher self does not approve, which is not correct for the well being of your conscience, true spirituality begins. It becomes a need to go on in life.

When the the desire to please them surpasses everything, ones worldly and spiritual life takes on a different meaning.
You start taking responsibility for your choices and actions.
There is a new found power and peace in your being.

Even the darkness one faces becomes a tool to grow and evolve.
There is a real life to be lived out there.
Each day comes with a different reality.

Give it all your innocence and your wisdom.
Each day should take you closer to them not further away.