Life and Living

Life and Living


When the time comes to move beyond, when it’s the end of this visible journey, what’s going to really matter is the impact our love and devotion leaves all around.
Did we complete the journey and leave our surroundings a little bit better off than we found them? ⁠
Did we truly love? Did we truly embrace life?

Love, Laugh and Cry.
Feel the numbing pain, embrace and push the boundaries. Fall and rise up. Let life be your greatest teacher. Get back up no matter what. Decide to go out into the world with your wisdom guiding you and give it your all.
⁠Take the time you need to observe, understand, absorb, accept and discover yourself.
You need your courage and wisdom, just don’t sit back and let life take over.
The way you talk to yourself, your inner conversations can make things better or worse. ⁠
⁠The voice of inner wisdom is the one that’s soft but powerful. It’s pure and loving, it’s full of compassion and truth and it’s all knowing.
It’s your guide towards the light.

No one can take away your inner wisdom, your strength of devotion and character from your inner being.
They both grow and develop with you as you continue to move forward.
Respond to life with wisdom, stillness and mindfulness.
Get back to your wisdom and roots.
Get back to your essence and core.
Let yourself be who you are unapologetically and do every necessary thing that makes you feel closer to yourself.
The way you choose to live your today matters.
Say yes to every experience of life.
Say yes to every emotion of life.
It’s all a part of the journey.
Every thought,
⁠Every step,
Every choice matters.

Embrace and live the reality of each moment.
Understanding the power of each moment.
Whatever you sow and plant in your inner core, will impact the rest of your being.
Watch your steps, create your path.
Watch your steps while you walk your path.

Live a authentic life.
Live a life of faith.
Trusting that with light in your heart, you’ll reach exactly where you need to be.
Get the weight off your shoulders and just trust.
Don’t give attention to the noise. Deal with it but don’t give your power away.
Life needs more stillness and witnessing.
Life needs grace to navigate through things that have been painful.
Life needs courage for the challenges.
Life needs devotion.

One needs to develop a deep understanding that there is a period of going within ourselves and taking in all that we have been through and understand the lessons. Our inner self needs time for reflection and our inner self needs strength to embrace life as it comes.

Life is a gift.
Embrace it all.
Nobody said it’s going to be easy.
Always show up for life no matter what comes your way. There is a heavy price to pay when massive imbalance starts affecting and overtaking every aspect of life.

Restore balance.
Be a warrior of life.
A warrior knows what’s transient.
Do not be afraid of solitude.
Always know that God never abandons and certain battles of life need to be fought just with one’s own grit relying only on God’s grace and mercy.

A warrior of life is not afraid to cry, weep, get wounded and scarred.
A warrior’s tears flow and wash the feet of the divine.
A warrior perseveres till the end for a new beginning.
One of the most important and hardest of all spiritual practices is acceptance.
Acceptance can transform us.
When we accept we surrender and we enter a space where our hearts expand.
Surrender makes us whole and wise.
Do not resist life.
Seek acceptance, grace and peace.
Only when the heart and body of a being is in harmony and moves in the same direction can true growth happen.
The confusion only causes mayhem.

Never underestimate the power of goodness.
Leave no loose ends. Our karmic journey is completely upto our needs, wants and priorities.
Only with strength of faith can it be completed.
Our task is not to become a new or changed person, it is to recognize, reclaim and go back to our natural true self in all its glory.