Life and Living

Life and Living


Sharing eleven interpretations and learnings which i have absorbed with MAA’s kripa from various scriptures.
The journey continues…

The world sees our outside, our outward appearance and personality.
God sees our inside.
God watches our inside.

Chant, take their name, do naam simran, do your jaap but most important glorify God through your conduct.

What we see all around, our knowledge of the universe and its functioning is just a spec of their limitless creation and it’s beyond our limited mind. Keep moving forward with utmost humbleness.

It’s a must that we discover our unique gifts and talents and use them for the highest good.

True bhakti and true sadhna is their prasad.
One gets it with their karuna and kripa.

When one is praised and appreciated, it should be offered at their feet and when criticism happens one should simply reflect and move forward.

Guard yourself from the pull of maya.
The intention should be to make continuous progress and place value on all, that’s real for Life and Living.

Gyaan and knowledge has to be understood in a real wholesome manner so that it can be applied to our day to day life and living.

When adharma rises the supreme removes and replaces it with dharma.

One liberated soul can liberate many.
But it’s essential to lead by example.

We can experience divine bliss and presence only by their grace if they will it.