Life and Living

Life and Living


When you are challenged in all aspects of your life pray, seek their strength.

Work hard
Remain calm
Know and feel your truth, trust its power.
Learn to handle it all.

Learn, unlearn and relearn.
Declutter, avoid noise and negativity.
Be wise and apply your mind to everything.

Trust the higher voice.
Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t react.
Don’t get carried away with any emotion.
Learn to take it all in your stride.
Conserve and preserve your energy for what matter.
Understand the pace of your life.
Do it all with your own two hands and seek the strength.
Do whatever it takes to enrich and simplify your life.
Jump into it completely.

Hold on to their feet. Learn to see the higher purpose in everything.
Life will challenge you in areas new to you sometimes all at the same time.

Why fear?
When they know it all.
When they see everything.
Move Forward
March On
One step at a time,
One day at a time.
Keeping the future’s well being in mind.
It’s all possible only with their grace.