Life and Living

Life and Living


My note on life and living.

Let inner peace, divine stillness and calmness soak into your being and practice gratitude.
Focus on their presence.
Whatever be your responsibilities in life take it up and fulfill it with complete sacredness.
Show up to your small steps and decide what kind of life do you want to live. Let that be your guiding force.
Know and understand the reality of your life, sense what it’s telling you.
Work, learn, grow, adapt and evolve accordingly.
Look after ‘your being’.

Take care of your health, personal hygiene and surroundings.
Nourish yourself.
Eat nourishing food. Cook your food as much as you can.
Keep yourself hydrated and active. Good sleep is a must.
Build your immunity.
Do whatever works for your health and well being.

Practice faith over fear.
Do your best and leave the rest in their hands.
Give back. Start by praying for those who are going through challenges. Pray for them and their families. Pray for all those who provide us daily services.
We can’t run away from life. It has to be embraced and faced. May we all get the strength to endure the trials of life.

Let us focus on what we can control.
Contribute to the world with your positivity and creativity.
Read and write and consume healthy content.
Protect your energy and build real bonds.
Be gentle and patient with your own self.
Simplify your life.
Pause and rest when you need to.
Learn to connect and communicate with nature and its elements.
Soak in the sunshine and the moonlight.
Get wet in the rain and soak in the beauty and vastness of the sky.

Trust the universe.
Let the cry of the heart be very pure. Let its longing for life be real.
Breathe, run and fall. Keep getting up again and again.
Let your smile be their prasad.
Love with all your heart.
Work hard and earn your bread.

Pray in such a manner that your soul is always on its knees with folded hands connected to The Divine.
Sing aloud in praise and glory of The Divine.
Use your voice to say all that is real, pure and true.
Lead an authentic life which has no malice in it.
Interdependence for the right reasons is blessed but be independent with your daily life needs as it adds strength to your essence.

Hold on to their grace while walking your path then there will be no fear of falling.
Keep seeking them and from them.
Be purpose driven.
Practice the universal truths and commandments of life, sharpen your inner voice and be a practicing yogi of karma and dharma.
Be comfortable in your skin and see yourself in the mirror with pride not with guilt or doubt.
Stop waiting for life to start or end and flow like a river does. It has no map… it just flows.
Let your care and love always nurture and nourish your loved ones.
Embrace life as it comes.
Live a life of innocence while being aware of the times we live in.

Learn to live in the moment.
Learn to hear your heart beat…let it throb with life and love.
Judge no one but with complete awareness of “who is who”.
Live a life of self discipline.
Let your space be full of fragrance.
Be brave and give your all to life with complete surrender.