Life and Living

Life and Living


Sharing eleven interpretations and learnings which I have absorbed from various scriptures. Will continue the writings.

It is said if you start a task complete it with hard work, truth and wisdom. Seek grace and strength for the day, connect with the moment and be one with the reality of the day and live through it.
Take care of the bond and relationship you have with your own self. It will dictate the course of your life.

Value and look after the blessings of your life, take nothing for granted and be in a state of awareness and gratitude. Simplify your life, your mind and keep it still like clear clean water.

The highest wisdom is to know that The Supreme Lord is the creator, preserver and destroyer.

Devotion is a must to sustain one’s life. It needs simplicity of thought, deed, word and intent.

The names of The Lord are infinite.
It all emerges from The Supreme and dissolves in The Supreme.

Devotion has to be as natural as the flow of prana, it’s a way of life and it’s not a part time kriya.

Stillness of the Spirit.
Being a Spectator to Life itself is a intense kriya and it needs a resolve and practice.

The one who walks on the path must be in control of his/her Nature. The divine nature within and the material nature within both need a balance. It’s with the balance one takes steady steps forward.

One is known by one’s actions, one’s karma and one’s character – to know the power of karma is to know life.

Shared my own understanding of all that I have read and studied so far and will continue these sharings.