Life Lessons From The Ongoing Pandemic

Life Lessons From The Ongoing Pandemic

Children and youngsters have been thinking a lot … and I too have been thinking with them and sharing our learnings and observations during these troubled times, when all of us are facing challenges related to the unexpected pandemic.

What is Nature trying to teach us? To the virus, we are all the same, no matter what our religion, caste, creed, culture, customs and economic status are. We must fight this together. Take nothing for granted. It teaches us to value and have gratitude and appreciation for all that we have. Be sensitive, share and care. This period shows us the immense power of kindness, how important love and care is to nurture and nourish true relationships and human life, to conserve our resources and not deplete or harm them.

How to build immunity? We are made up of the five elements and all we do is tamper and harm the elements outside our physical being. For how long are we going to live in denial?

It is time to raise the collective consciousness for each life and act matters.

What we think, do, say and feel count a lot.

The Bhagwad Gita tells us to give up kama, krodh and lobh. Let’s give up lust, anger and greed, and purify our way of thinking and living.

Know the difference between needs and wants, and feel contentment for all that we have. We need to go back to our blessed sanskars and recognise that simplicity is the best way of life and living, and give importance to the power of karma. Our choices define us.

We are all travellers with an allocated time given to each one of us, let’s live it in the most mindful manner.

Adapt to and accept ever-changing times. Endurance and resilience will help us through the process.

Let’s look after our physical body like we would a temple. What we fill it with, will be our immune system. Cultivate mental strength.

This is a period of transition from darkness to light. We all will have to go through massive churning collectively. Our welfare depends on the welfare of others. There is no rainbow without rain. Lockdowns and other restrictions have made it difficult for our children, but they have adapted and found creative ways of spending their time; they have learnt how to participate in daily activities; they are understanding the power of selfless prayer, exercising, meditation, yog, journaling – various hobbies have become a part of their routine, they are trying to do things they had never done before. They are learning the value of family time. They are adapting to the new form of online learning.

They are all dealing with the pandemic in their own way, but I see optimism in their attitude. They are becoming more sensitive to others’ pain and are able to understand the fragility of human life.

This period is teaching them to love, care, listen, respect, reach out and give selflessly, to be there for each other. Children are finding comfort and joy in the little things of life. This is a good sign and inspires hope and optimism in all of us.

Editorial by Saina Ruzbeh Bharucha –